Nach 2 Jahren Zwangs-Corona-Pause konnten endlich wieder die überaus beliebten English Lilac Days von 4. April bis 6. April 2022 am BRG Hamerling stattfinden.

Die daran teilnehmenden Klassen 5A, 5B, 5M, 6A, 6C waren total begeistert von den Aktivitäten, die natürlich ausnahmslos in englischer Sprache stattfanden und von dem Lehrerteam, Native Teachers aus 5 verschiedenen Ländern: Chamelle (South Africa), Aloysia (Indonesia), Amelia (Australia), Tom (New Zealand), Kurtis (Ireland).




Dazu einige Kommentare der teilnehmenden Schüler*innen:

  • “It was such a great experience! I really enjoyed the programme. Dealing with 5 different accents was so interesting for me!”
  • “Everything was great, I had a lot of fun and enjoyed every second of it! Nothing negative to say!”
  • “The classes were a lot of fun, however, presenting a couple of different things in one day could get a bit stressful. Nevertheless, it was good to work in smaller groups because then you could talk more openly and didn’t have to talk in front of everyone.”
  • Kurtis played great language games with us, he’s also very funny. Chamelle told us cool things about theatre and films, Amelia taught us how to rap, Aloysia’s classes were cool and funny, especially when we played “Werewolf”! Tom was pretty chill and fun.  ALL teachers were awesome! It was so different to our normal school days.”
  • “These were the best school days ever! It would be cool to have more days like these! I’m really sad that these days are over.”
  • “I really enjoyed the time with you! Each of you is soooo nice and I promise everybody in the class likes you and I hope we’ll meet up again! Thanks, guys!”
  • “The Lilac days were so much fun and a distraction from school. I got to learn a lot of things and learning was actually easier because the teachers tried to make it interesting and very chill. I hope we can have Lilac days next year, too.”
  • “I would really like to do this every year, because I learned a lot in these three days!”
  • “I liked the opportunity to speak English all the time, and hear it from people that speak it as a native language.”
  • “I loved everything about it. It was so much fun talking and practising English. I’ve never written a song of my own before. The best thing about these 3 days was the different accents.”
  • “I loved the Lilac days. I learned a lot, not just English but also about acting, rhymes and a lot more. The three days were a great opportunity to improve my speaking skills in English. It felt almost normal to speak English at school, which was a great experience.”
  • “The lessons were so interesting, and all native speakers were so kind and created a friendly and warm atmosphere. I liked that we were discussing a lot, talking about interesting topics!”
  • “I liked that we learned how to write a poem and we listened to music together. The project was also cool. Thanks for these amazing days.”


Bericht und Fotos: Anita Döllerer