9th of December


Procrastination is worth it

So here we go again. It’s the same thing every single time and somehow I simply can’t bring myself to do the tasks. Yeah, you lovely folks out there, it’s the sad truth, your wonderful rose__mayr is a procrastinator. It’s taken me a long time and effort to actually write this post, but finally I have realized that I’ve just put it off for too long.

Speaking of putting things off, I tend to procrastinate everywhere. No matter if it’s cleaning up my room, washing the dishes or writing my English text. The worst procrastination happened a few weeks ago. My dad gifted me a new TV, which was absolutely marvelous, but that’s not the problem. The actual problem started, when I exchanged the TVs and realized that I had to carry my old TV downstairs in the cellar. After unpacking my new TV, I decided that I had done enough work for the day, so I placed my old TV in the middle of the room (don’t ask me why) and switched on my new one. Believe it or not, my old TV stood there in the middle of the room, (bothering me every day, because I almost tripped over it) for two weeks. After those two weeks my mom decided to sell my old television, because she realized that it would never be carried downstairs by me.

Apart from the fact that I tripped over my old TV and the dust starting to accumulate, there are of course other negative consequences of procrastination. First of all, you are in a huge stress when there’s a deadline coming up and you haven’t started thinking about how to even start the task. Secondly, procrastination can lead to problems and social difficulties. A former friend of mine for example, always procrastinated on calling his friends and checking in. Well, at some point in time, his friends were fed up with being the ones calling him every time. So that’s why his friends became his former friends. And last but not least, procrastinating always brings along other activities. That may not be clear to you now, but let me explain: If you procrastinate on doing your homework, you don’t just do nothing. You pick up a new TV show, for example, or you start playing video games. So, if you always replace work with time consuming hobbies, that’s no good.

Therefore, you must come up with solutions on how to avoid and minimize procrastination. First, DO NOT make a to-do list!!!! I’m very experienced and I know, you procrastinators out there spend way more time designing the list than actually doing the tasks mentioned there. But what you can do is to reward yourself, whenever a task is done. I’m not telling you to eat a bar of chocolate every time you successfully wash a dish, cause that would eventually end in obesity and worst case death. And I don’t want you to die from being productive once in a lifetime. I’m speaking of taking a small walk, watching a video or doing yoga for a short time. You can also listen to some relaxing music. Before I forget, please tell me about your experience with procrastination and strategies to minimize our good old friend, down in the comment section.

All in all, you’re definitely not alone out there and I can absolutely understand why you love to procrastinate. But from time to time, think about sour duties and tasks. So folks, that’s it. I’ll clean my room now. Well maybe not now, but in two hours. Or at least some time soon!

Rosanna Mayr 7M // December 2021
Oberstufe // Non-Fiction // Blog post about ‘procrastination’